The Jackson Family
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Hockey Mom

"Cook your own dinner. I'm playing hockey tonight!"

Yes, I am the hockey player in the family. I found myself in skates when I was still in grade school. My folks took me to the local rink on the weekends to skate with my friends. But it wasn't until I was all grown up and living in Austin that I found my interest in hockey.

In the Spring of 1999 the heat in Austin was already on the rise and the Dallas Stars were winning their way to the Stanley Cup. I, along with the entire State of Texas, got a little Cup Crazy. Actually, I was a lot crazy. My friends suggested I sign up to play with a local womens team. So, I did. I rushed over to Hockey Mania and bought all of my gear and was on the ice 2 weeks later. I was a little nervous at first, but was soon skating as strong as the other girls and even acquired the nickname "The Wall", for my ability to keep my balance no matter what or who came my way. My enthusiasm and competitive nature kept me on several all girl teams in the Austin area. I played for as long as I lived there and really miss the friends I made on the ice. I hope to someday have that same opportunity in my new home town.

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