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What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a high tech, worldwide version of Hide and Seek. Individuals and organizations have set up caches all over the world and have shared the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. Generally, the visitor will sign the cache log book. Some caches will contain small treasures. The general rule is if you take something you should leave something for the cache. The game is simple, fun and can involve your entire family in an outdoor adventure. The only requirements are: internet access and a GPS receiver (or a good topo map and someone who can read it really well). is the best geocaching website on the web. Their site can help you Find your first cache,  Hide your first cache, Buy A GPS receiver and much more.

How did we get started? It was December 2000 and I was a geography student in San Marcos, Texas. A graduate student mentioned a website she had found where people were posting coordinates to hidden stashes. It sounded interesting, but finals were approching and it was February 2001 before I found myself browsing the geocaching website during computer lab. I tried to check out a GPS from the geography department, but couldn't get my hands on one as an undergraduate. I went online and found the Garmin eTrex Vista. I fell in love with the features of this little unit, but it wasn't due to be released for several more months. May 2, 2001 my GPS arrived and I was out the door after my first cache, Cen-Tex Prime and the rest is history. I have since managed to infect everyone around me with the geocaching bug. We most often geocache on our many camping trips and have found caches in California, District of Columbia, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas. ~Kimberly

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My Cache Stats as of 5/20/2007 (Get your own CacheStats at

Cache Finds
Total Found: 225 (# found/attended logs) Find Rate: 0.102 per day (0.7 per week, 37 per year)
Caches: 225 (# unique caches visited) Avg. difficulty / terrain: 1.55 / 1.52
# Archived: 41 (18%) FTFs: 6
Avg. in 1 day: 2.2 Oldest Cache: CenTex Prime (GCEF placed 12/17/2000)
Most in 1 day: 9 Most in 1 month: 20

Days Cached
Total days cached: 101 (every 21.9 days or 4.6%) Most consecutive days with a find: 4
Most in 1 month: 10 Most consecutive days without a find: 308

Favorite and other Notable Caches
Category Cache Log Comment
Most memorableCenTex PrimeViewOur First Find!
Most difficult findSteamy reflections of a fractured mind.. (PR_Tx#2)ViewJust because I was afraid to stick my hand in there
Best hikeWhata MixViewGreat waterfall near cache!
Cleverest hideBitney's Little SecretViewFinding it is only half the challenge
Most embarrassingEngle RockViewLooked way too hard for this one

US States (6): TX, OK, CA, NV, NM, CO
Other States (1): District of Columbia
Countries (1): United States

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